A prayer for our province

I had the privilege of praying at the Saskatchewan Prayer Breakfast that is hosted by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.  This year Rabbi Jeremy Parnes was the keynote speaker and the event featured music by Brett Mitchell and RuBarb Junior Ambassadors (or Rubarb Jam as they were referred to) and the doxology by Catherine Lewans (check out a great video she did).

The planning team asked me to pray for the province of Saskatchewan and I was honoured to do so at a time when our wonderful province faces some tough challenges.

The prayer is available for download as a PDF.  One note before you read it:  The prayer is written to be spoken as I speak, so please excuse punctuation and grammar issues, its not a literary work of art.

May God be pleased and grant the petitions and thoughts expressed in this prayer.

Prayer for Saskatchewan



Source: Kirk’s Blog