Are you afraid of the dark?

Do you remember the windstorm that hit Regina in October?  120+ km winds ripped shingles from roofs, destroyed signs, and even blew some houses off their foundation.  In my neighbourhood the wind even took out the power. For several hours my home was without power.

I was just falling asleep when the wind hit our house and it woke me up.  A minute or two later everything in my bedroom went black and I was surrounded by darkness.  Usually there is some light peeking through our blinds from the streetlights or the neighbour’s yard, and there is always the faint red glow of the alarm clock in the room, but not this night.  It was completely black.

The wind scared me awake. As it buffeted my house, fear began to fill my mind. I got up to see what was happening.   Without the hints of light that I was used to I stumbled around the bedroom, stubbing my toe and tripping over the furniture in the dark. My fear of what was happening intensified.

It’s funny how darkness creates fear in us.  I’m not afraid of the dark, yet when I find myself in dark places there is an irrational fear that grows inside me.  Have you ever experienced something like this?  Please tell me I’m not alone…in the dark!  At one time or another, I think we have all found ourselves unexpectedly surrounded by darkness and felt at least a little bit of trepidation.

This weekend we are starting a new series called ‘The Promise of Christmas’.  Over the next three weeks we will look at three promises God made a long time ago. A man named Isaiah wrote them down.  Each of these promises are filled with hope, both for the original readers and for us today.

One of the promises of Christmas is that in the midst of darkness and fear, light is coming.  I hope you’ll join us this weekend as we explore the promise of light in Isaiah 9:1-7 and discover that God never leaves us alone in the dark.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

News & Announcements

Christmas Eve Services
Join us on Christmas Eve as we celebrate Jesus.  Family Candlelight services will be offered at 10:30 am,     4 pm, and 7 pm.  Between the 4 pm and 7 pm services we will be hosting a family Christmas party in the gym.  Plan now to join us and invite your family and neighbours to join you.

Reaching out at Christmas – Arcola Community School
Thank you to all who have taken a scroll from the Christmas tree in the lobby to support children at Arcola Community School. A few more scrolls are available if you would like to fill a gift bag of much needed practical items for these students.  Please note that all gift bags need to be returned by next Sunday, December 17, for delivery that week.

This Weekend’s Offering
This weekend we will be giving 10% of our Ministry Fund offering to Compassion Canada.  Funds will be used to support 48 teens in Kenya, helping them to stay in school and graduate from High School, thereby giving them the chance to break the chain of poverty.

Year End Giving
Sunday, December 31 is the last day to make a gift and have it counted towards your 2017 charitable donations.  If you plan to make your gift through the mail, please be sure it is postmarked no later than December 31, 2017.  Please note that the office will be closed December 25 to 29. However, you can always make a donation online at

Coming Events

 December 13 Last MidWeek for 2017
 December 14 Board of Elders Meeting
 December 24 Christmas Eve Services (10:30 am, 4:00 pm, and 7:00 pm.)
 January 10, 2018 MidWeek begins
 January 28, 2018 Prayer Summit
 February 3-4, 2018 Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend
 February 4, 2018 Dr. Rob Reimer speaking
 February 11, 2018 Global Impact Sunday