Becoming a Global Neighbour

As part of Living Hope’s vision prayer we ask our heavenly Father to “Open doors into our community so we may introduce Jesus and your Kingdom to our neighbours, city and world.”  This part of our prayer focuses on our desire as a church family to be outward focused. We want everyone to discover relationship with Jesus as we have. For the next six Sundays we’ll be focusing on this part of  the vision prayer.

Next Sunday (May 28) we’ll be starting a new teaching series called “Good Neighbours:  Being the neighbour you’ve always wanted.” Each week we’ll be talking about how to transform our neighbourhoods by being a different kind of neighbour, the neighbour Jesus taught his first followers to be.

This week, though, we’ll be looking beyond our own neighbourhoods, to see how we can be a good global neighbour and help the people of a neighbouring country to connect with Jesus.  This weekend, in our Global Impact Sunday, one of our International Workers will be speaking and we will renew our partnership with their family to spread the Kingdom of God in the Caribbean Sun region.

I hope you’ll join us this weekend and in the coming weeks, as we learn to become the neighbours that Jesus desires us to be.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

The Global Leadership Summit
Mark your calendars and plan to be a part of this year’s Global Leadership Summit.  Featuring Sheryl Sanberg, Laszlo Bock, Angela Duckworth, Marcus Buckingham, Andy Stanley and many more, this year’s Summit will inspire and equip you to take your influence to the next level.  Tickets are on sale now at or in the church lobby after the services in May.

A Taste of the Summit
Aren’t sure if The Global Leadership Summit is for you?  Join us on Sunday, June 11 at 7 pm for ‘A Taste of the Summit’.  Experience what the Summit will be like in a free 90 minute Summit-like experience.  Invite your friends, who might be interested in the Summit, to hear Joseph Grenny of Vital Smarts and co-author of Influence and Crucial Conversations speak about influence.

Prayer Summit
Join us May 28 at 7 pm at the church for this month’s Prayer Summit.  Our monthly Prayer Summit is an opportunity to learn about prayer, meet new people and talk with God about the things on His heart and yours.  This month we will be focusing on praying for our summer ministries.