Board of Elders Report February, 2017

It was anything but a meeting of the “bored”.

One of the goals we have as a church is to have a family/youth pastor by the summer of 2017.   Together, we have been praying for this for some time.  Pastor Kirk brought us up to date on some possibilities that have been explored.  After he led us in a discernment time where we purposefully sought to listen to the Lord, we shared where we felt God was leading us as leaders of His church.  God has promised to lead and provide, and we look forward with confidence to what He will do this coming year, as we continue to pray together.

Another goal of the church is concerning the “paving of the parking lot.”  We put that in quotation marks, as there is much more than just paving. Just like any project, it might appear simple, but often affects many other areas which need to be evaluated.   Landscaping, future parking, entrances, etc. are just some of the things that come into the picture.   To prepare for that we are working with a firm who presented us with a concept plan.   Some adjustments are being made to the concept plan, and in the near future, we should have a long range plan ready to present to you.  Keep praying, and keep in touch as we move ahead together.

As a board, we are reading together a book all about discipleship, ‘Building a Discipling Culture’ by Mike Breen and the 3DM Team.  We talked about the gifts of the Spirit, found in Romans 12, and 1 Corinthians 12, and how the Lord uses them to equip us for one of the fivefold ministries He has called us to as servants in His church.  Ephesians 4 talks about the ministry of apostle, prophet, teacher, evangelist, and pastor.  Jesus was a perfect example of each one of those ministries.   As He expands our calling to include all of the areas of ministry, we grow in our maturity and become more like Him.   We shared where we are at in that maturing process.  If you feel God is calling you to serve in one of those area of ministry, feel free to talk to one of us about that.

These are exciting days.  We STRONGLY, encourage you to “keep in the loop”.   A good way to do that is by attending the AGM (Annual General Meeting) on Sunday, March 12.  See you there.

Living Hope Board of Elders.

Wayne Bernakevitch, Chair                Fred Dyck

Kevin Wilson, Vice Chair                     Bill Heywood

Ed Beggs, Treasurer                            Abe Toews

Bill Heywood, Secretary                     Mark Stefan

Kirk Cowman, Lead Pastor                David Wintemute