Board of Elders Report – October 27, 2016

Board of Elders Report

On October 27 the Board of Elders met for our regular meeting.

These are some highlights from that meeting:

Global Leadership Summit

We discussed the recent Global Leadership Summit.  135 tickets were sold; the event was attended by 30 people from Living Hope as well as many church and marketplace leaders from Regina.  We heard speakers such as:

  • Patrick Lencioni – ‘the ideal team leader’
  • Horst Schultze – ‘understand the vision in order to feel part of the team’
  • John Maxwell – ‘leading people with uphill hopes and downhill habits’
  • Erin Meyer – ‘working with and understanding other cultures’

The 13 speakers came from a variety of backgrounds; next year we will reach out to a larger community of churches and businesses.  Be sure to keep October 19 and 20, 2017 open so you can attend this fantastic event. We want to thank the team of 38 volunteers who served the delegates so well.

Ministry Action Plans

With a focus on the VISION triangle, “UP-IN-OUT”, we reviewed Ministry Action Plans (MAPs) from the ministry areas of Living Hope – Groups, Worship, Hospitality, Young adults, Youth, Children, Hospitality and Compassion. The MAPs outlined goals for the next year, and strategic initiatives for the next 3 years. Charles Swindoll once said, “When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic instead of pessimistic.”   Let’s keep moving ahead!

Building a Discipleship Culture

Each month Pastor Kirk guides us through a chapter of “Building a Discipling Culture” by Mike Breen. We talked about our tendency to be “human doings” rather than human “beings”,   swinging from the extremes of too much rest to too much work.

John 15 talks about the importance of abiding and pruning (rest) in order to be fruitful and growing.  In the gospel of Mark we can see a balance of resting and working in Christ’s ministry.  Each day, week, and month should reflect that balance in our activities.

His servants, and your co-labourers,


Wayne Bernakevitch (chair)               Bassim Khyzm,

Kevin Wilson (vice-chair)                    Mark Stefan,

Bill Heywood (secretary)                    Abe Toews,

Ed Beggs (treasurer)                           David Wintemute

Kirk Cowman (lead pastor)