Changing the source, change who you are becoming

Last weekend we discussed the cure for incivility as part of our Becoming series.  Together we discovered that the cure to incivility begins with you and me. It is about you and me living and talking to each other and everyone we meet the way Jesus did.

At the end of last week’s passage James, the author, introduced the idea that what comes out of your mouth finds its source in your heart.  Whether your words are angry, jealous, joyful or peaceful, it is always a reflection of what is going on inside you, and ultimately, who you are becoming.  If you want to change your words, change the source. Change what’s going on inside you.  Start feeding your heart from a different source.

This weekend as we look at James 3:13-18, James picks up where he left off and teaches us how to change the source and change who we are becoming.  I hope you’ll join us this weekend as Pastor Peter talks about wise living and how you can become what Jesus envisions!

Pastor Kirk

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Are you ready to take your next step with Jesus by being baptized?  Our next baptism opportunity is during the October 29th worship service.  If you’d like to find out more about baptism or want to take your next step please contact Pastor Kirk.

Tim and the Glory Boys
Join us November 11th for The HOOTENANNY! Tour, a worship hoedown featuring Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys. What is a “worship hoedown” you ask?  It’s a bluegrass-inspired night of music and joy… beards, banjos, and blessings for the whole family! It is a night of corporate worship with hymns, choruses, original songs, and comedy, geared towards all ages. Tickets are available online at

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