The Cure for incivility

Each morning when I wake, one of the first things I do is grab my iPad and load up my news app to see what’s happening in the world.  I end my day pretty much the same way, only this time I turn on my TV and listen to what the CTV news crew tells me.

Lately, it seems like no matter where I look or turn for my news, the top stories are always about people arguing or making  nasty comments about someone who isn’t even in the room.  Sometimes it is just ordinary folk like you and me making rude comments, but lately its leaders, people we are supposed to look up to are dragging each other through the dirt.  Have you noticed the growing amount of incivility and disrespect in the world today?

Incivility and disrespect aren’t just on the news. It’s happening all around us.  There is disrespect in the workplace, incivility in restaurants (my daughter who works at Moxie’s could tell you stories), it’s in the stories, it’s even in our church and homes at times.  There’s an epidemic of incivility in our world today. If we are honest with ourselves sometimes we may even be uncivil.  What can we do?  How should a follower of Jesus respond to the incivility in the world today?

This weekend as we are continue our “Becoming” series we are going to look at James 3:1-12 and discover the cure to incivility and disrespect.  I hope you’ll join us as we explore how guarding our tongues could  change the world and us!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

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