A day of rest, what’s that?

When I was 9 my parents went away for the weekend for some rest and relaxation.  Mom arranged for my Grandma Grant (her mom) to come and look after me and my siblings.  Before Grandma came Mom gathered us together and talked about the rules for the weekend.  There was one rule in particular that I wasn’t happy with.

Mom told me that Grandma considered Sunday to be a day of rest. For the coming weekend we weren’t to do some of the things that we’d normally do.  The one activity that Mom specifically said I couldn’t do on Sunday was ride my bike.  What?  Why?

As a kid I did everything with my bike.  I rode my bike to school, to my friends, to the park, to the store, wherever I went.  My bike was my freedom and now my freedom was being taken away so I could “play quietly.”  Unfair!

The weekend came and Mom and Dad left on their trip.  Grandma came to look after us and as usual I spent Saturday riding around the neighbourhood.  Sunday came and we went to church with Grandma. In the afternoon I wanted to go to my friend’s house, but Mom had told me I couldn’t ride my bike on Sunday.  What was I going to do?

Grandma wasn’t going to go to the evening service at church that week, so I came up with a plan.  I asked Grandma if I could go to church. When she said we weren’t going that night, I said I could ride my bike.  Now what was Grandma going to do?  Stop her youngest grandson from going to church?

Sure enough, Grandma caved and I rode off into the sunset on my bike, heading to church with a few detours along the way.  FREEDOM!

This weekend we are continuing our ‘Summer at the Movies’ series.  Using ‘The Karate Kid’ we are exploring the fourth commandment:  “Remember to observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.”

What does it mean to keep the Sabbath day holy?  Maybe you grew up in a home that took this commandment literally and Sundays were for going to church and taking a nap or playing quietly. Or maybe you’ve never heard of this commandment.  I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as Pastor Shauna talks about the freedom that is found in the deep rest that this commandment offers.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

Fall is just around the corner!
Join us on Sunday, September 10th after the worship service for our annual fall BBQ.  There’ll be great food, games for the kids and an opportunity to reconnect with friends after summer vacation.

MidWeek begins September 13 
Join us Wednesdays this fall for Kids Club, Youth, Marriage Course, Alpha and more.  We’ll even take care of dinner and the dishes that night. MidWeek starts with dinner between 5:30 and 6:30, and activities kick off at 6:45.  There’s something for everyone this fall at MidWeek.

Encounter the Holy Spirit
Who is the Holy Spirit and why does he matter?  Join us September 29 & 30th and explore who the Holy Spirit is and what his ministry is in your life.  Each session will begin with singing and includes Bible teaching time followed by a practicum where you can put into practice what you have learned.  Registration is free and opens August 1st.

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