Have you ever made a sacrifice?

Have you ever made a sacrifice?  You know, given something up in order to get or do something else?

Robert A. Jaffray was born in 1873 into a wealthy family. His father owned the Toronto Globe (now known as The Globe and Mail).  From the time he was born, Robert’s father had great ambitions for his son, that someday he would even be the CEO of the family company.  In 1897 Robert walked away from those dreams as well as the comfort and wealth of his family in order to become a missionary to Wuzhou, Guangxi, China.

Jaffray once said, “The supreme and crying need of this lost world is the Gospel. Shall we not rise at Christ’s command to carry the blessed saving news to every perishing one?”  The need to take the Gospel to the farthest reaches of the world compelled Robert to act, to sacrifice everything for the purpose of telling everyone about Jesus and the hope that is found in him.

Jaffray served Jesus and his mission in Wuzhou for 35 years, and then in a Japanese internment camp until 1945 when he died.   Robert A. Jaffray was willing to sacrifice everything, including his life, to see the  least-reached peoples of the world hear the Good News about Jesus Christ.  When you think about it, Jaffray was really just following the example that Jesus gave us. Jesus sacrificed everything for you and me. He invites us to do the same for others.

This weekend we are collecting a special offering to support the legacy of sacrificing in order to reach the least-reached peoples of the world.  Anything given to the missions fund this Sunday, and anything marked ‘Jaffray’ in October will go to support the work of reaching the Balinese Hindus, Yazidis of Northern Iraq, Wolof people and Fulani people.

Will you consider going without something today, so that someone can find Jesus tomorrow?  

This weekend we’ll also be continuing our “Becoming” series, and very fittingly exploring how faith and action fit together.  We’ll be looking at James 2:14-26 where we’ll discover that if you aren’t doing, you aren’t becoming, I hope you’ll join us!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

Did you miss last week?  The Becoming series is available online at mylivinghope.ca

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Would you like to be baptized?
Are you ready to take your next step with Jesus by being baptized?  Our next baptism opportunity is during the October 29th worship service.  If you’d like to find out more about baptism or want to take your next step please contact Pastor Kirk.

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Are you new to Living Hope?  Join us for lunch after the service on Sunday October 15.  This will be a great opportunity to hear more about Living Hope, meet some of the people of Living Hope as well as the pastors. Please let us know you’ll be coming by filling out a green ‘Next Steps’ card, by  calling the church office, or by emailing: info@mylivinghope.ca

Global Leadership Summit
Join us October 19 and 20 for The Global Leadership Summit, a world class Christ-centered leadership conference, featuring Sheryl Sandberg, Angela Duckworth, Laszlo Bock, Marcus Buckingham, Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley and many more. Tickets are available for purchase online at mylivinghope.ca/gls.

Tim and the Glory Boys
Join us November 11th for The HOOTENANNY! Tour, a worship hoedown featuring Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys. What is a “worship hoedown” you ask?  It’s a bluegrass-inspired night of music and joy… beards, banjos, and blessings for the whole family! It is a night of corporate worship with hymns, choruses, original songs, and comedy, geared towards all ages. Tickets are available online at timmytour.com.

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