Framing Your Character

A number of years ago a co-worker of mine built a new house.  After over a year of waiting and watching as the house came together, it was finally ready.  I remember my friend leaving work early that day to meet with the homebuilder for the final walk thru. He was so excited!

Sometime later,  my friend came in to my office, and with a look of disappointment on his face he began to tell me about his new home.  There was a problem.  At some point in the construction of this beautiful new house, the homebuilder made a mistake and the roof was installed incorrectly.

The problem had gone unnoticed during construction.  Now that they were living in the  home, the problem made itself known in unexplained leaks and heating issues.  Over the previous month my friend and the homebuilder had been investigating what was going on. They finally discovered the problem.  Somewhere where the foundation and the frame met, an error had occurred.  It was a small error, just an inch, but as the house was framed the problem multiplied and affected the entire structure.

The home my friend planned for and dreamed of for over a year didn’t turn out as he’d expected. What they hoped for didn’t become what they’d envisioned.  Not too long after, my friend’s family moved away.

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about who we are becoming. Using the epistle of James we have been building the foundation for what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  This weekend, we will build on that foundation and explore a character trait that forms the framework for everything Jesus envisions for us.

I hope you’ll join us this weekend as we explore James 2:1-13 and discover how one character trait, more than any other, can shape who we are and who we are becoming.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

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News & Announcements

Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend – RESCHEDULED
The Holy Spirit Encounter weekend which was scheduled for this coming weekend has been rescheduled to February 2-4, 2018.  Dr. Rob Reimer (author of Soul Care and River Dwellers) will be speaking and helping us to discover the Spirit-empowered life.  Plan now to attend!

New to Living Hope?
Are you new to Living Hope?  Join us for lunch after the service on Sunday October 15.  This will be a great opportunity to hear more about Living Hope, meet some of the people of Living Hope as well as the pastors. Please let us know you’ll be coming by filling out a green ‘Next Steps’ card, by  calling the church office, or by emailing:

Global Leadership Summit
Join us October 19 and 20 for The Global Leadership Summit, a world class Christ-centered leadership conference, featuring Sheryl Sandberg, Angela Duckworth, Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley and many more. Tickets are regularly $189 each. We have purchased a limited number of tickets so that our church family can still purchase tickets for $99. Check at the Info Desk or email the church office at to get one of these tickets.

Learning to Care
Every day there are people who need help. Often they just need a listening ear or someone to show they care. Sometimes the need is for something significantly more. Do you ever wish you knew what to do and how to help the people you meet? Join us at MidWeek, beginning Wednesday, October 4 at 6:45 as Lynda Beggs leads a course that will teach you how to care for the people around you every day.

Upcoming Events

October 14 Quiz Meet
October 14 Worship Arts Workshop
October 15 Newcomers’ Lunch
October 19-20 Global Leadership Summit
October 22 Plan to Protect Training
October 24 T.A.C.O. Tuesday
October 26 Board of Elders
October 29 Prayer Summit