Becoming the neighbour you’ve always wanted

Shortly before our first child was born, Britton and I moved into a new apartment.  It was a fourplex in the community of Rosemont and our new neighbours had lived there for many years, some for decades.  We were literally the new kids on the block.

We lived in that fourplex for 2 years and had some pretty interesting neighbours.  There was the busybody across the hall who kept track of all of our comings and goings.  We had a shared laundry room and even caught her inspecting our laundry a few times.  There was the grumpy lady downstairs who never cracked a smile, no matter how nice we were.  Her front window was filled with little ornaments and angels hanging on suction cups in the window; I think they were the only things that brought a smile to her face. Then there was the landlord, ‘one-knock Carl’, who knocked once and then let himself in, whether we liked it or not.   I wonder how our neighbours would have described Britton and me?

Have you ever had neighbours like that?   All of us have neighbours, no matter where you live. They may be right next door, or a country mile away, but they are still your neighbours.  How would you describe your neighbours? Better yet, how would your neighbours describe you?

This weekend we are starting a new teaching series called “Good Neighbours:  Becoming the neighbour you’ve always wanted.”  We’ll be looking at Luke 10:25-37 and exploring why being a good neighbour is so important, and we’ll identify three choices every good neighbour makes.

I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we discover that being a good neighbour can transform your life and your neighbourhood.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

Prayer Summit
Join us Sunday at 7 pm for our next Prayer Summit.  Join together with others from the church family to learn about prayer and talk with God about what’s on your minds and his.  This month we’ll be praying for our summer ministries.

A Taste of the Global Leadership Summit
Join us Sunday, June 11th at 7 pm for A Taste of the Global Leadership Summit.  Find out what the Global Leadership Summit is all about, and hear some of the speakers for this year and from years’ past.  This free 90-minute experience will help you discover how you can use your influence to lead right where you are.

Volunteer Appreciation Night
Have you served on the Living Hope team within the last 12 months? No matter how you’ve helped out, we want to celebrate you and thank you.  Join us June 25th at 7 pm for our Volunteer Appreciation Night. It will be an evening of laughter and great desserts. RSVP to to let us know you are coming.

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