Did Jesus really mean it?

Did Jesus really mean it when he said, “Love your neighbour as yourself?” (Matthew 22:39)  Why is loving your neighbour such a big deal?

For the last month we have been in teaching series that is based on the idea that Jesus really meant it when he told his disciple to love their neighbours.  We’ve discovered that being a good neighbour is the cure for loneliness, we’ve discovered how to deal with problem neighbours, how to build relationships with our neighbours and how to be they type of neighbour we wish we had.

This Sunday we’ll be exploring 2 Corinthians 5:11-6:2 where we’ll find the reason why Jesus told his disciples to love their neighbours.  Together we are going to discover that being a good neighbour is all about making things right.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

PS.  If you’ve missed any of the series you can catch up on the Living Hope YouTube channel.  (You can also watch the service live on Sundays on our YouTube Channel)

Volunteer Appreciation Night
Have you served on the Living Hope team within the last 12 months? No matter how you’ve helped out, we want to celebrate you and thank you.  Join us June 25th at 7 pm for our Volunteer Appreciation Night. It will be an evening of laughter and great desserts. RSVP to info@mylivinghope.ca to let us know you are coming.

Join the Global Leadership Summit Team
The Global Leadership Summit is coming October 19 & 20 and we need your help to put on a world class event.  We need team members who will serve on our facility team, in our resource centre, serve food at coffee breaks and much more.  If you are would like to be a part of the Summit Team email info@mylivinghope and let us know.

Maker Fun Factory
Are your kids registered for Maker Fun Factory yet?  Kids will learn they were created by God and built for a purpose. This amazing adventure will help kids begin or deepen their faith by discovering our loving God who made each of us! Kids will be grounded in the solid foundation of Jesus’ love, a love that gives our lives incredible purpose.  Download the registration forms and sign up today.

Coming Events

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July 31–August 4     Kids Day Camp – City Camp
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September 24           Prayer Summit
September 29-30    Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend
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