Group Discussion Guide – Becoming Sermon Series – Week of November 26

Sermon Discussion Guide

1.) Have you ever wanted something so badly you tried to barter with God for it? What did you try to offer him?

Read James 5:13-14

2.) Has there been a time when you prayed and it didn’t seem like God heard you? Did that change something in you and how you thought about God? What changed?

3.) Through this sermon series we’ve been talking about becoming more like the person God knows we can be. To do that we need to spend time with God and a great way to do this is by praying, which connects us with God. How are you doing with ‘plugging in’ to God’s power through prayer?

Read James 5:16-20

4.) Confessing our sins to God and to each other is one of the ways that we can help the connection between us and God. Is there sin in your life that is disrupting your connection with God? Take time as a group, either as a large group or by breaking up into smaller groups, to confess any sins you’re struggling with. Pray for each other, reminding each other that God forgives our sins and asking that God will equip us in the weeks ahead to deal with sins and temptations that may arise.


Going Deeper – The Last 10%

Read 1 John 5:14-15 and John 15:4-7

1.) As we seek to pray first in all things and to align our desires with God’s heart, what can you change in your practices this week to make time to deepen your relationship with God? Tell the group some practical choices you can make and implement this week. Check in with each other next week to see how your week went.