Group Discussion Guide – Global Impact Sunday – February 11

Sermon Discussion Guide

1.) This week we heard from Kristi Hopf about the work she is doing as a missionary in Niger, West Africa. What is your earliest recollection of missionary stories from another country?

Read Matt 25:14-30

2.) Kristi shared the story of the chicken that received a vaccination and the village elder who took his newly vaccinated chicken to a village where the chickens were all sick. If the chicken lived the elder would tell the people that Kristi brought truth, but if the vaccinated chicken died, he would tell the people that Kristi told lies. Later Kristi talked about sharing the parable of the talents with the men, and the spirit of poverty vs the spirit of risk. Take some time to pray that the Fulani people would feel empowered to change the lives of their families.

3.) Could you imagine walking for 6 hours to bring water to your family? The United Nations have declared that water is a basic human right that it is a pre-requisite to other human rights. In many areas of Niger the water is dirty and may not be safe due to contamination. Kristi’s work through development training has provided a variety of opportunities to help meet basic needs of the Fulani people. It is in these opportunities that Kristi is also able to share stories of Jesus. Take some time to pray that people would be open to Bible stories beyond the development training that Kristi and her team provide.

Going Deeper – The Last 10%

4.) Kristi felt challenged to take a step of faith to move into a home in the village. She prayed that her home would be a place of peace and that people would come to hear stories of God. From the first night people came to visit and to hear about God. Take some time to ask God to guide you to your next step of faith, to share stories of God with the people around you who need to hear them.