Group Discussion Guide – Honest to God Sermon Series – Week of February 19

Sermon Discussion Time

  • If you could name three things you are afraid of, what are they?
    • Can you remember when that fear began?
  • People often deal with fear in three ways. They try to control things, they become an ostrich and avoid the situation, or their fear comes out as other emotions, such as anger, fear, etc. How would you describe your approach to how you tend to deal with fear?

Read Exodus 3:10-4:17

  • Just like Moses, we have many reasons to explain our fear to God. At the core of these reasons are lies that we believe about ourselves, about God, and about our situation.
    • When you think of your own fears, what are some of the lies that you believe that may be behind these fears? If you feel comfortable, share these with the group.


  • If we make ourselves available to him, God wants to help us work through our fears. His desire for us is that our fear is replaced with freedom, hope, relationship, and purpose. When you think about your fears, obvious and subversive, how would life look different if they were replaced with these positive things God wants for you?


  • Focusing on God’s truths about ourselves and who he is can help us journey away from fear towards greater peace and purpose. Some of the tools we have to help us include memory, Scripture, listening to God, and listening to others. Going forward into this week, what are some ways we can be intentionally incorporating these practices into our daily lives?


Going Deeper – The Last 10%

  • Fear can be difficult to confess to others. Fear of failure, loss, relationship, and losing control can be silent and isolating. Creating a safe space for people to voice these fears, take time to pray with each other for the fears that have been expressed. Commit to praying for each other this week and check in with each other next week.