Group Discussion Guide – Margin Sermon Series – Week of January 15, 2017

Sermon Discussion Time

  • When you were growing up did you have a practice in your family of Sabbath? What did that look like? If your family did not observe Sabbath, what was your family’s approach to the balance between work and rest?
  • This week in the sermon we learned that “The starting point to finding margin in your life is understanding Sabbath”. Looking at your life right now, what is your current rhythm of rest and work?

Read Exodus 20:8-11

  • Sabbath is a gift from God to help us achieve a healthy work/rest balance. But so often it is difficult for us to release our control and input into situations, even for one day. Sabbath helps to build our trust in God, trusting him to look after us and our lives as we release and rest.
    • Are there areas in your life where you have a difficult time taking a break?
    • What would your answer be to God if he asked you “Can you trust me enough to take care of things for a day?”
  • Another benefit to Sabbath is that it gives us the opportunity to slow down and spend time away from the busyness. During our time of Sabbath we can experience clarity. Clarity about the things in our lives that bring us life or the things in our lives that may need God’s hand in order to bring about change.
    • What do you think would come into greater focus and clarity if you were to spend time in Sabbath rest with God?

Read Mark 2:27

  • Sabbath gives us time and space during our week to have our vitality restored, to feel rested and rejuvenated. Take a moment to think about any Sabbath practices you may have. Which ones bring you the most joy and refreshing?
    • Looking forward this week, take time to talk with one another about your Sabbath plans. If this is new for you, discuss when you will be taking your Sabbath and what that may look like.
    • If you have a regular practice of Sabbath, share with others some of the practices that bring you life as you take this God-gift of weekly rest.

Going Deeper

  • God’s plan for Sabbath has three parts: Resting, Assembling, and Celebrating. As you look at your own weekly Sabbath, does it include all of these three elements? Which of these elements is most appealing to you? Which seems most difficult?
    • Discuss with one another how these three elements of Sabbath can be incorporated into your time of rest this week. When you come back together next week, discuss how the experience was for you and what you discovered about yourself and God.