Group Discussion Guide – Margin Sermon Series – Week of January 29

Sermon Discussion Time

  • Share a story with the group about a time when you ran out of gas, literally or metaphorically.

Read Luke 8:40-55

  • Although he is fully God, we see in this story that Jesus understood and was aware of his capacity and margins as a fully-human person. He was intentional about monitoring his margins. Take some time and ask yourself these questions. Do you know what drains you? Do you know what recharges you?
    • Talk with the group about what has come to you and what may need to shift in order for you to have a healthier life balance.

Read Mark 6:42-46

  • Just as Jesus modeled in how he treated his disciples, we have the opportunity to care for others in our lives by helping other people in our lives create margins for themselves. Some people find it easier to find margin for others than themselves, others find it easier to look after their own margins.
    • Who in our lives can we help others find margin in a way that is loving and life giving? Maybe it’s people in your family, co-workers, and friends.
    • What are some practical ideas of how we can serve others in this way?
  • Having healthy margins hinges on our knowing what is important. If we don’t have a sense of priorities in our lives, time with God, our family, etc, then our margins are off balance.
    • Share with the group what are some of your top priorities in life.
    • Does your time and energy spent reflect these priorities?
  • Going forward this week, take time to evaluate your priorities. Are you settling for good when you could be seeking God’s idea of great?
    • When you think about your relationship with God, your relationships with others, and your own self-care, which area do you think you need to be paying more attention to?

Going Deeper

  • As a group, talk about areas in your lives where you believe God is encouraging you to re-evaluate your margins. Take time to pray for each other about what you are hearing and commit to how you can help each other manage your margins moving forward.
    • Are there practical steps you can take this week to have a better sense of margins in your lives?