Group Discussion Guide – Week of January 28 – Starting Over Sermon Series

Sermon Discussion Guide

1.) What was the first major responsibility you were ever given? How did you handle that responsibility?

Read Genesis 1:27-28

2.) In this passage we see that one of the first things that God gave human beings upon our creation was a sense of responsibility for ourselves and the world around us. As you read this passage, what comes to mind when you think about how this responsibility could look for us now, in 2018?

3.) We spoke today about looking at where our heart is. Take time to ask the question of yourself, ‘where is my heart in regards to the things Jesus thinks are important?’. How is your heart? Take time to pray together about some of the places where your heart may not be aligned with his. Ask God to show you where his heart is focussed and that he would help you, by the power of his Holy Spirit, to align your heart with his.

Read 2 Peter 1:3-10

4.) What does a godly life look like to you? How does it look at work, with family and friends, at church?
Are there areas in your life that look not so godly?

Going Deeper – The Last 10%

5.) ‘Victory is in the small things repeated consistently.’ When we align our hearts with Jesus, we start to see changes in our thoughts, attitudes, actions, and habits. Talk together with your group about changes you feel God may be calling you to make in your life, changes that reflect who he knows you can be. Pray with each other over these changes and commit to supporting each other spiritually and practically as you journey together.