Groups Discussion Guide – Becoming Sermon Series – Week of November 5

Sermon Discussion Guide

1.) Can you think of a time when something happened in your life that has altered your reality? When something happened, good or bad, that changed your plans for the future?

Read James 4:13-17

2.) James is clear when he says that our lives are like fog, here today and gone tomorrow. This is in contradiction to what culture tells us which is to focus on leaving a legacy. When you think of how you would like to be remembered, what would you like people to say as they remembered you and how you lived your life?

3.) Planning and being intentional in how we live is a good thing. However, often we make plans and forget to seek God’s wisdom as we move ahead, focussing on our human wisdom to see us through. Thinking of the plans that you have for yourself and your future, how do they align with the plans you believe God has for you?

Read Proverbs 16:1-3

4.) Having many plans and a full plate can leave us little space for God’s plans for us and our time and activities. Is your plate so full that there is not room for what God is calling you to do?
Is there anything on your plate that you need to remove?
Is there something that you need to add to your plate that God has put in front of you?


Going Deeper – The Last 10%

5.) Spend some time as a group listening to God as you ask him this question. Where in my life am I focussing on my legacy is rather than what God’s purpose might be? Take time to pray for each other over what God may have said to you and ask him to show you how God is calling us to live a life that focusses on him.