Honest to God

Do you know what an emoji is?

Emoji’s are small icons or images used in texting to express an idea or emotion. Emoji’s help us express what we are really feeling and thinking.  Do you have a favourite emoji?

There’s the smiley face for when you are happy.  There’s the winky face, when you are feeling cheeky. There’s the flushed face when you are embarrassed.  There’s an emoji for when you are telling a lie. There’s even an emoji for when you are feeling low and worthless.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, then we should have no trouble expressing how we really feel because there are over 1800 emoji’s available to us.

Yet for some reason, even with all the words and emoji’s available to us we still often have trouble being completely honest with how we are feeling and how things are going.  Someone asks us, “How are you?” We respond, “fine” or “good’ even though things aren’t.  Have you ever done that?

Sometimes it’s hard to be honest about how we are really feeling, with friends, with God and even with ourselves.  Yet there is something amazing that happens when we are honest about what’s happening and how we are really feeling.

This week we are starting a new series called “Honest to God” that is all about being honest with ourselves, with God and with others about what’s going on in our lives.  This weekend Brad Crassweller will be speaking about being brokenhearted.  I hope you’ll join us as together we discover that we can be honest with God about everything, even about the brokenness we feel.

See you Sunday,


Pastor Kirk

Holy Spirit Encounter

Join us February 24-26 for Bible centred teaching around the person and filling of the Holy Spirit. Each session will begin with singing and includes teaching time, followed by a practicum where you can put into practice what you have learned.  Topics discussed include why we believe God wants to fill us with his Spirit, how to live free from sin, listening prayer and what life in the Spirit may be like for you.  Registration is free but required in order to reserve your spot. Register at the info desk or at mylivinghope.ca.

The Dearhearts & Wildwood Fire

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Why not pick up a set of tickets to the Dearhearts and Wildwood Fire on February 12. Tickets are $15 each and are available online at mylivinghope.ca or in the lobby after the service.

Upcoming Events

  • February 7,  Pre-School Registration Night
  • February 12, Young Adults
  • February 12, The Dearhearts and Wildwood Fire
  • February 20-22, Church Wide Food Fast
  • February 24-26, Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend
  • February 26, Prayer Summit
  • March 12, Annual General Meeting