If only I’d just let go…

A few years ago Britton and I were hosting some people for lunch.  We were serving soup and biscuits for the meal. As Britton ladled the soup into bowls I would carry them out to our guests.  I picked up a bowl and started to walk from the kitchen counter to the table, but I was moving a little fast and the soup started to slosh from side to side, over the side of the bowl, and into my hand.  The soup had been simmering all morning. By now it was molten hot and my hand instantly started to burn.

The pain was excruciating. I quickly turned around to return to the counter and more molten hot soup spilled out of the bowl, into my hand.  My instinct was to just let go, but my brain said “If you let go, it’ll create a mess.”  So I clung even tighter to the bowl and raced back to the counter, leaving a trail of soup in my wake.

I finally dropped the bowl on the counter, let out a bit of a scream, and moved to the sink to run cold water on my hand.  I looked at the large burn that the soup had created; the soup had traced the curve of the rim of the bowl across my palm.  My hand throbbed with pain.  I did my best to ignore it and tend to our guests, all the while pretending that nothing was wrong.  Afterwards I went to the walk-in-clinic and waited a few hours to be treated and get something to numb the pain.  Eventually the pain went away and the burn healed.  If only I had just let go!

Sometimes our regret is a lot like that bowl of soup.  We hold on to our regret, even though it is causing us pain.  Our instinct says, “Let it go”, but our brain worries about the mess.  All the while the pain grows inside us and we pretend that nothing is wrong.  If only we would release the regret.

This weekend we are continuing our ‘Starting Over’ series, and we are talking about how to release our regrets.  We’ll be looking at the life of Moses and exploring what happens when we fail to release our regrets, and what is possible if we will only let go.  I hope you’ll join us and discover how you can take the next step in living beyond your regrets.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

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