Joyful Always

What I miss most of all from when my children were babies is the sound of their uncontrollable laughter. Whatever the cause of the laughter, be it a puppy or a fun game of peekaboo, my children’s laughter was wonderful. I would try to make them laugh every opportunity I could, playing the same games until they tired of them in order to hear that sweet laughter again.

I wish I could laugh like that. I wish I had that kind of joy.  Truthfully, I think it is becoming harder and harder to be joyful. I just know too many negative things. I know about the restaurant that did not serve a satisfactory meal; I read about it on Facebook. I know about people’s political opinions; I’ve heard about them on the news. I know the things in my own life I don’t like. I think about them. I think about them a lot. They stress me out. Joy often is missing in my life. I want my own uncontrollable laughter back.

Come on Sunday and find out what the Bible says about joy and how to achieve true joy.

See you here.

Pastor Peter

The Dearhearts & Wildwood Fire

Looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Why not pick up a set of tickets to the Dearhearts and Wildwood Fire on February 12. Tickets are $15 each and are available online at or in the lobby after the service.

Holy Spirit Encounter

Join us February 24-26 for Bible centred teaching around the person and filling of the Holy Spirit. Each session will begin with singing and includes teaching time, followed by a practicum where you can put into practice what you have learned.  Topics discussed include why we believe God wants to fill us with his Spirit, how to live free from sin, listening prayer and what life in the Spirit may be like for you.  Registration is free but required in order to reserve your spot. Register at the info desk or at

Prayer Summit

Join us on Sunday February 26 at 7 pm as we wrap up our month of prayer and fasting by gathering to listen to God.  Come with your family and/or your group and enjoy a time of drawing close to God through music, prayer and communion.

Upcoming Events

  • February 12, Young Adults
  • February 12, The Dearhearts and Wildwood Fire
  • February 20-22, Church Wide Food Fast
  • February 24-26, Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend
  • February 26, Prayer Summit
  • March 12, Annual General Meeting