June 2016 Report

In late June the Board of Elders met and considered an exciting opportunity to partner with and fund a C&MA Chaplain with the Regine Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR).  One of our members, Mandy Ralph, has been training to become a chaplain with the RQHR and graduated in June.  Mandy writes the following about the need and opportunity that Living Hope has to be a part of this ministry.

“One of the most vulnerable situations a person can experience is being ill or injured. Whether the experience is expected or unexpected, a person can feel the range of emotions from grief to fear to anger. Having someone walk alongside you during this time, providing spiritual care and taking the time to check on how you are doing emotionally and spiritually can bring hope and relief in these difficult situations. Every day in Regina, there can be upwards of 900 people experiencing the need for medical care at one of our hospital facilities. Of those people, at this time, two thirds of them do not have regular access to spiritual care. This is where we have a wonderful opportunity.

Jesus calls us to care for those who are sick and in need of spiritual care (Matthew 25:38-45). He recognized that this is a way that we can be his hands and feet in the world, showing his love to people who may not encounter this love in other areas in their lives. During my training on the hospital wards as a Multi-Faith Chaplain Intern, I was able to speak with people from all walks of life, of all different ethnic backgrounds. New immigrants, First Nations people, people who were not interested in religion, and more, I was able to come alongside them and care for them spiritually during a difficult time in their lives.

I have the opportunity to begin work in September as a Multi-Faith Chaplain in the Pasqua Hospital here in Regina. Right now at the Pasqua, there is a Catholic chaplain who ministers to those of the Catholic faith and a Palliative Care Chaplain. For the other 200+ people who are in the hospital daily, there is no access to regular Spiritual Care. This is the chance for me to come alongside the sick and wounded, many who have no spiritual or religious connections in their lives at all. It is a chance to serve our city, to make broader connections into the community, to be a presence in the Health Care System. “

After listening to the proposal from Pastor Kirk, the Board of Elders unanimously agreed to partner with Mandy Ralph for one year beginning September 1, 2016.  In the same that Living Hope has a Seamless Link Agreement with Curtis and Tricia Peters, we are entering into a Chaplaincy Link Agreement with Mandy Ralph.

As part of the Chaplaincy Link Agreement, Living Hope will fund a chaplain at Pasqua Hospital for 8 hours per week using Compassion Fund donations.  Mandy Ralph will provide regular reports and prayer requests to Living Hope and from time to time invite members from the church to participate in her ministry.

If you would like to participate financially you can make contributions to the Compassion Fund.  If you would like to assist in other ways we would encourage you to talk with Mandy or Pastor Kirk about how you can be involved in supporting this ministry.

As Mandy begins on this journey will you pray for her. Pray that Mandy’s will represent the hands and feet of Jesus as she interacts with patients.  Pray that Mandy would have opportunity to minster to the staff of the hospital who see difficult and heartbreaking situations every day. Ask God to open doors for spiritual conversations.

This is wonderful ministry opportunity for Mandy and Living Hope.  Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.