Life on Mission: Discouragement


Facebook reminds me that I’ve been doing the same project for over five years, building a custom car in my garage. I’ve shaped the front and back of it, welded in seams and made body rust and holes disappear. I’ve added Cadillac taillights, built an engine and transmission, and installed them. The interior is complete with rebuilt seats, painted dashboard, and new carpet. Five years! This car is built using a little steel, and a little glass but mostly this car is being built out of effort.

I have been discouraged countless times in the process of building this car. I want this car, I’m proud of this car, but sometimes…. it just takes so much effort. Not everybody understands what I’m doing. Some people look at this 1950’s car and ask if the effort is worth it. People are always reminding me of how far I still have to go. Some people get it. These people cheer me on. My family thinks this is a fun project. But not everybody does. That’s OK I understand. Sometimes it isn’t fun for me either.  I have found myself at car dealerships staring at something shiny and new, something that I could drive today. It would seem discouragement comes easier than progress.

Discouragement is a reality in this world it seems. Discouragement is something that affects everyone. Do you remember a time when discouragement touched your life?

Nehemiah knew tremendous discouragement. He had discouragement from all over the place. If you would like to learn how he dealt with discouragement and perhaps learn a few practical skills for yourself, I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we continue in our series “Life on mission.”  See you there!

Pastor Peter

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