Life on Mission – Standing with the Struggling


What a weekend! Were you with us for Resurrection Sunday this past weekend?  We heard the stories of God working in two people’s lives and we talked about what the resurrection means for us today.  How have you let the reality of the resurrection impact everything you do this week?  (Please hit reply, I’d love to hear your stories)

This weekend we are returning to our series “Life on Mission: Everyone, Everywhere, All the time.”  Over the next two weeks we’ll be wrapping up Nehemiah’s story and discovering that when we join God’s mission we become part of what God is doing in the world, and we are also changed ourselves.

As well, we’ll be introducing Daniel Ngo to the church family.  Daniel is joining our staff team this September and will be working with Pastor Eric to lead our youth ministry team.  Teens will have the opportunity to meet Daniel on Saturday night at 7 pm and parents will have the opportunity to meet Daniel on Sunday at 4 pm (both events take place at the church).  We’ll also be interviewing Daniel briefly during the weekend service.  I hope you will take the opportunity to welcome and show your support for Daniel by coming out this weekend.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Kirk

Prayer Summit

Join us April 30 at 7pm for our next Prayer Summit.  We’ll be taking time to worship through song, learn about how you can hear God, and pray for each other and the country of Cuba.

Meet Daniel Ngo

Join us this weekend and meet Daniel Ngo.  Daniel will be joining our staff team in September as Youth Pastor and will working with Pastor Eric to provide leadership to your Youth Ministry.  Teens will have an opportunity to meet Daniel on Saturday at 7 pm and parents have an opportunity to meet with Daniel on Sunday at 4 pm, both events take place at the church.

Terminal Velocity

Youth, join us on Friday, April 28 at 7 pm for Terminal Velocity, a cross between laser tag and paintball using ping pong balls.  It is a heart-pounding, thrill-inducing, glow in the dark labyrinth of mayhem in all of its awesome glory.  Strobe lights, fog, black light, the whole nine yards!  In between games we have hang out space in the youth room with hot snacks and games. Pick your intensity level and buckle in for a night to remember! Cost is $5/person.

Upcoming Events

  • April 20, Elders in Training
  • April 23, Youth Parents’ Meeting
  • April 27, Board of Elders Meeting
  • April 27, 50+ Breakfast
  • April 28, Terminal Velocity (Youth)
  • April 28-30, Quiz Meet – Offsite
  • April 29, Vision Gathering
  • April 30, Prayer Summit