Life on Mission – Working Together

For the last couple of weeks, we have been following the story of a man named Nehemiah who was consumed with a Holy Discontent.

Nehemiah desperately wanted to change the state of his ancestral home, Jerusalem.  Yet in the first two weeks of our series Nehemiah really hasn’t done anything but pray and talk with the king about the situation.  Four months have passed and nothing has improved, but that is all about to change as Nehemiah moves from praying and preparing to taking action.

This week we’ll look at Nehemiah 2 and 3.  At the end of chapter 2 Nehemiah arrives in Jerusalem and he discovers the enormity of the task in front of him.  I’m sure it was overwhelming, even with the plan and resources that Nehemiah brought with him.  Thankfully, Nehemiah wasn’t alone.  While God gave Nehemiah a vision to change the state of Jerusalem, that vision was never meant to be Nehemiah’s alone.

I hope you’ll join us as we discover that the mission of God is too big for any one of us to do by ourselves. The mission of God always requires God’s people to work together.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

Vision Gatherings

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Prayer Summit

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Good Friday Service

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