Making the Choice

The Real You


Every day we are faced with choices. The moment we wake up it begins:

  • Should I hit the snooze button or not?
  • Should I take a shower?
  • Should I shave?
  • What should I wear today?
  • What should I have for breakfast? Do I even have time for breakfast? (Which often depends on how many time you hit the snooze button.)
  • Do I need a jacket?
  • Should I phone in sick?

And that’s all before we’ve left the house in the morning.

The choices we make each day say a lot about how we feel and who we are. Our morning routine can reveal how we feel about our personal hygiene, how important our health is to us, and even how we feel about what we’ll do that day. If we spring from bed with energy and enthusiasm, it says that we are excited about what the day holds. If we hit snooze five times it says that we aren’t looking forward to what lies ahead (either that or there was too much Netflix last night). What do your choices say about you?

This weekend we are going to explore the power of choice. Together we’ll look at Ephesians 4:17-32 and the decision each of us face, to put off or put on our identity in Christ through the choices we make. Every choice matters because every choice reveals who you really are.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

Prayer Summit

Join us Sunday, November 27th at 7 pm for a Prayer Summit as we look ahead to the Advent season. There will be a brief time of singing, followed by teaching. You will be led in a time of personal and small group prayer. The evening will wrap up with a celebration of communion. Please contact Shauna or Lauryl if you require childcare.

Gifted & Called Seminar 

The Gifted and Called seminar is an opportunity for women in all areas of ministry, whether you’ve been serving for years or are new in your journey with God, to discover what it means to be called by God and gifted to live out that calling. Join us for a time of learning, connection, and discipleship where you can dig deeper into discovering your gifts and how that plays out in your church, your community, and the world. For more information please contact Mandy Ralph or check out the website.

Upcoming Events

  • November 18-19 – Gifted and Called (Women’s Conference)
  • November 27 – Prayer Summit
  • December 2 – 50+ Christmas Supper
  • December 24 – Christmas Eve Services (4 pm & 7 pm)