We missed one, did you notice?

When was the last time you listened to or read a top ten list?  Maybe it was back when Letterman was on the air, maybe it was last weekend with Ryan Seacrest. Maybe you read a blog post the other day with a top ten list of ‘Ways to……..’ – you name it.  All of us have read, listened to or watched top ten lists. They are everywhere!

This summer we have been talking about God’s Top Ten list for how to have a great life.  Typically, top ten lists start at 10 and work their way down to 1, right?  Yet we started at 1 and have been working our way up to 10.  Along the way we missed one. Did you notice?

This weekend as we wrap up our Top Ten series we are going back to #7.  We skipped #7 because all summer we had our grade school kids in the service and #7 is rated PG.  This week Kids Church resumes so it’s a great time to talk about #7 and what God has to say about sex.

You’ll want to join us and bring everyone you love as we look at the 7th commandment: “You must not commit adultery.”  Together we are going to discover that adultery is not really about sex, it’s about something else that we want, whether we are married or not.  I hope you’ll join us as we discover how to get what you really want and despite what the rest of the world or the Spice Girls say, its not sex!

See you Sunday.  

Pastor Kirk

PS…don’t worry!  We’ll be done in plenty of time for you to get to the game.  Living Hope and the Riders are the true Labour Day Classic!

Did you miss some of the Top Ten series?  Catch up online at mylivinghope.ca

Fall is just around the corner!
Join us on September 10th after the worship service for our annual fall BBQ.  There will be great food, games for the kids and an opportunity to reconnect with friends after summer vacation.

MidWeek begins September 13
Join us Wednesdays this fall for Kids Club, Youth, Marriage Course, Alpha and more. We’ll even take care of dinner and the dishes that night. MidWeek starts with dinner between 5:30 and 6:30, and activities kick off at 6:45.  There is something for everyone this fall at MidWeek.

Holy Spirit Encounter
Who is the Holy Spirit and why does he matter?  Join us September 29th & 30th to explore who the Holy Spirit is and what his ministry is in your life.  Each session will begin with singing and includes Bible teaching time followed by a practicum where you can put into practice what you have learned.

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