Being Rich – James 5: 1-6


I was 18 years old, living in Vancouver and ready to move to Saskatchewan to enter Bible school. I was excited about my future and my entrance into adulthood. I was going to be a pastor! It was the only thing I ever wanted to do. I was going to learn how to read scripture, how to lead people, how to lead a church. I was about to leave childhood behind and become the man God intended me to be!

But first…

I remember seeing it, the object of my desire. It was red, it had a black convertible top. It looked great. It was exactly what I wanted. Nothing says Bible school in Saskatchewan more than a red convertible! It was exactly what this 18 year old intended to drive! Then the words that had been taught to me many times came back to my mind, “What would Jesus drive? Would Jesus drive a fancy car?”

Oh, how I wanted to be like Jesus!  Where in the Bible could I find what was acceptable for me to drive?

Perhaps you have encountered similar situations in your life. Come on Sunday and hear more as we continue to learn from the book of James.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Peter

Pastor Kirk
Pastor Kirk will be away most of November, traveling and speaking with our Seamless Link Partner in the Caribbean Sun Region and then leading a group from Living Hope on a discipleship journey to Israel.  If you need assistance or would like to talk with someone please feel free to talk with Pastor Peter or Pastor Shauna in Kirk’s absence.   Pastor Kirk will be back in the office December 4.

Tim and the Glory Boys
Join us November 11th (Saturday) for The HOOTENANNY! Tour, a worship hoedown featuring Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys. What is a “worship hoedown” you ask?  It is a bluegrass-inspired night of music and joy… beards, banjos, and blessings for the whole family! It is a night of corporate worship with hymns, choruses, original songs, and comedy, geared towards all ages.

Tickets are available online at

Coming Events

November 11 ‘Tim and the Glory Boys’ Concert
November 19 Family Connect Lunch
November 21-30 ‘Together in Israel’ Trip
November 24 50+ Christmas Supper
November 24 Youth Event – Get Real
December 3 Newcomers’ Lunch
December 14 Board of Elders Meeting