Sermon Discussion Guide – Becoming Series – Week of October 29

Sermon Discussion Guide

1.) Have you ever felt like you were in a football game and you were having trouble moving the football down the field? Did you feel like you exerted a lot of effort to move one yard forward only to find after the next play that you were two yards back?

Read James 4:1-10

We will look at the three steps to dealing with a character issue.
2.) Recognize – Sometimes the quarrels we have with others are because of a war within ourselves. What unmet desires or motives do you have that God wants you to pay attention to?

3.) Sometimes our character issues are caused by double-mindedness. When have you been motivated by things that are not godly, that have turned you away from God? What character issues do you recognize that you can’t’ change without God’s help?

4.) Release – Has a family member, close friend or mentor ever pointed out a character issue in you? What was your response? Did you push them away, deny your issue, or ask God to help you? Where are you at in your journey of dealing with a character issue?

Read two or three of the following passages depending on the time available in your group:
Matthew 14:22-33 – Peter walking on water
Matthew 26:31-75 – Peter saying he won’t deny Jesus, then later denies him
John 21 – Peter restored
Acts 10:9-33 – Peter responding to the vision about Cornelius

5.) Redeem – One of Jesus’ disciples, Peter, had character issues. In the passage(s) you just read, what were Peter’s issues? How did he deal with them and release them? At what point was he redeemed?


Going Deeper – The Last 10%

6.) Each of us has a war within. Sometimes it is more evident than others. What are the extremes of emotions and how do they show up in your life? Spend some time together praying and asking God to teach you and lead you as you examine the war within you.