Songs of Christmas – Zechariah’s Song



I remember a Christmas at the farm, years ago. I was standing in a field. There was no sound, no wind, no birds, and nothing was moving. I had walked out there to experience the silence. After a moment the silence was too… big, almost like it was too loud. I called out, just to make a sound and my voice seemed to be eaten up by the silence, as if it didn’t exist. Suddenly, I felt exposed. All of this silence, all of this nothingness and me standing in the middle.

I had to leave.

I had to return to the farmhouse where life existed, where there was noise, where there was something.

Have you ever heard silence from God?  Ever felt as if God doesn’t speak or act?

Zechariah was a man who knew about silence. He had asked and prayed for God to act, yet God remained silent and caused Zechariah to be silent as well, by taking away his ability to speak.

Then God did something! Something amazing.

Come Sunday and hear the rest.

Pastor Peter

Christmas Eve Services

Join us December 24 at 4 or 7 pm for an experience your whole family will enjoy.  Our family candlelight service will feature music, story and an inspiring hope-filled message. Between services enjoy a celebration with activities for all ages and a birthday cake to celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Mark your calendar and plan now to be part of our Christmas celebration.

Christmas Eve Online

Can’t join us in person on Christmas Eve?  We’ll be streaming our 4 and 7 pm services live on Christmas Eve.  Simply go to and you can celebrate the birth of Jesus with us from wherever you are in the world!

Year End Giving

Are you thinking about making a year-end gift to the church?  You can make your year-end financial gifts by stopping by the church office (9am -4pm on December 19-23 and 29 and 9am to noon on December 30th), by dropping off your gift on Christmas Eve in the box provided,  or by giving online using the MyLivingHope app or website.

Update on the Tiessen Family

In 2015, we raised funds to help a former missionary family with roots in Living Hope to help pay for Chronic Lyme Disease treatments.  Here’s an update on how the Tiessen family is doing.

Upcoming Events

  • December 24                     Christmas Eve Services
  • January 11                          Living Hope MidWeek Resumes
  • January 13-15                   Winter Youth Retreat
  • February 3-5                      Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend
  • February 7                          Pre-School Registration Night
  • February 12                       Wildwood Fire and The Dearhearts