Summer at the Movies continues this week!

Last weekend we began our summer teaching series, “Summer at the Movies.”  Each week this summer we’ll be looking at the deeper story in movies and using them to illustrate and give us another window into the Ten Commandments.   The Ten Commandments are God’s top ten list for how to have a great life.

This weekend we’ll be exploring the second commandment – do not make or worship idols.

The Hebrews who first heard the ten commandments lived in a world where idols were everywhere. Bowing down to a statue or totem was an everyday thing.  If you needed help, there was an idol for that. If you wanted to have kids, there was an idol for that.  If you needed rain for your crops, there was an idol for that.  You name it – the ancient world had an idol for that.

Things are a little different today. It is a lot more rare to see a statue or totem, but they are still there if you look carefully.  The vast majority of us don’t worship a piece of wood or clay, so what do we do with the second commandment?  Is it irrelevant for 21st century people? Have the idols we worship just changed?

I hope you’ll join us this weekend as Pastor Peter leads us in exploring the second commandment using the movie The Road to El Dorado.  Together we’ll discover what the second commandments means for you and me today.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Kirk