Summer at the Movies – language warning!

One of the things I get to do regularly is relationship coaching for newly-engaged couples.  Sometimes its with couples inside the church and sometimes its with couples outside the church, Often I coach couples who don’t really know me and are anxious about being in a church and especially meeting with a pastor.

One time I was coaching a fantastic couple and we were having an honest conversation about conflict and how they deal with conflict.  The groom-to-be was talking about a conflict at work and how he handled it.  As he described the event out slipped a name is commonly spoken in my office, but not like this, the guy just kept talking and a few more colourful words followed.  The bride-to-be looked at her fiancee in horror, she couldn’t believe what he had just said in front of “the pastor.”  The groom-to-be just kept talking, unaware.  Me, well, I’ve heard those words before and if I’m completely honest, they may have slipped out of my mouth at times too.  So, I just gave the bride-to-be a reassuring smile and kept listening to the groom-to-be’s story.

Has that ever happened to you?  Have you ever been talking with someone and they let an F-bomb drop or let out some other colourful four letter word?  Or maybe they used the name of Jesus in a way it was never intended.

I think we’ve all been in situations like that. Some of us just let the words wash over us without a reaction, while others start looking for a bar of soap to wash out the person’s mouth!  Have you ever wondered, what’s the big deal?  Is it just good manners or is it something else?

Why do some get so worked up or concerned about words or the bad-language?  This weekend in our Summer at the Movies series we’ll be asking this very question.  Together we’ll be exploring the 3rd Commandment and why God says its so important that we watch our words.

I hope you’ll join this week as together we discover that the words we use reveal something about us and our view of God.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

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