Top Ten – Do not Murder

There are some movies that stick with you. Most movies fade away, but there are a select few that for some reason stick to you like sap.

The ‘Princess Bride’ is that sort of movie. I loved the movie the first time I saw it. I love the movie now. This movie has everything – suspense, sword fights, giants, comedy, action, and yes, even romance (not sure why romance is in a sword movie!). This is what movies are supposed to be!

This movie is also full of hatred that characters feel towards one another – powerful emotions that bring about something sinister.

There is murder in this movie. For some reason the murder and the hatred seem like they are almost       make-believe. They don’t affect me. I am above this type of thing, .… right?

The Bible tells us not to murder. That one is easy. No murdering allowed. Why is it that I feel like I might not have the full picture?  Is there something I’m missing? Is there more?

I invite you to come to Living Hope this week to explore this subject.  Is there more to this commandment than meets the eye?

See you Sunday,

Pastor Peter

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