Weekly Bulletin for April 23 to 30

Meet Daniel Ngo

Join us this weekend and meet Daniel Ngo. Daniel will be joining our staff team in September as Youth Pastor and will working with Pastor Eric to provide leadership to your Youth Ministry. Teens will have an opportunity to meet Daniel on Saturday at 7 pm and parents have an opportunity to meet with Daniel on Sunday at 4 pm, both events take place at the church.

Vision Gatherings

Have you ever wondered where we are headed as a church? Join us at one of our upcoming Vision Gatherings for a discussion about where God is leading us as a church family. To find out more and register for a Vision Gathering, visit www.mylivinghope.ca/visiongatherings.

Baptism Opportunity

Baptism is an important step in becoming what Jesus envisions. Two people were baptized on Easter Sunday. There will be another Baptism Sunday June 4. If you are interested in taking this step of faith, please contact one of our pastors.

Prayer Summit

Join us April 30 at 7pm for our next Prayer Summit. We’ll be taking time to worship through song, learn about how you can hear God, and pray for each other and the country of Cuba.

Terminal Velocity

Youth, join us on Friday, April 28 at 7 pm for Terminal Velocity, a cross between laser tag and paintball using ping pong balls. It is a heart-pounding, thrill-inducing, glow in the dark labyrinth of mayhem in all of its awesome glory. Strobe lights, fog, black light, the whole nine yards! In between games we have hang out space in the youth room with hot snacks and games. Pick your intensity level and buckle in for a night to remember! Cost is $5/person.

MidWeek Kids Club Camp

MidWeek Kids Club Camp is coming up May 26-28 at Dallas Valley. It is open to all kids who attend MidWeek and their friends. Registration forms are available at the Info Centre or online. For more info, please email Shauna or Karen/Kevin.

Summer Kids Camp

Mark July 10-14 on your calendar for our summer Kids Camp. Held daily from 9 am – 12 noon, this year’s camp is Maker Fun Factory. Kids, ages 4 – Grade 6, will learn that they are created by God for a purpose. Registration forms are online or at the Info Centre.

Summer Soccer Camp

Do you love being outside, playing soccer, meeting new friends and learning about God and his love for you? August 21 to the 25, Living Hope Alliance Church is proud to present Summer Soccer Camp. Children will learn soccer skills while having a great time with each other. You can sign up online or fill out the registration form available at the church office or at the Info Centre.

This Week’s Bible Reading

Day Reading
Monday 1 Sam 28-29; Ps 109; Mt 11
Tuesday 1 Sam 30-31; 1 Chr 10; Mt 12
Wednesday 2 Sam 1; Ps 140; Mt 13
Thursday 2 Sam 2; 1 Chr 11; Ps 142; Mt 14
Friday 2 Sam 3; 1 Chr 12; Mt 15
Saturday 2 Sam 4-5; Ps 139; Mt 16
Sunday 2 Sam 6; 1 Chr 13; Ps 68; Mt 17