Who am I really?

The Real You

Earlier this year our staff team took part in a behavioural assessment called “The Birkman Method.” Individually we wrote the assessment and then came together to discuss what our individual results reveal about us and what that meant for us as a team.

Not surprisingly, we found out that Eric is off the charts artistically and musically and that Peter likes doing mechanical type things, but there were other characteristics that we didn’t know about each other and that have helped us get to know each other and ourselves better.

One of the things I found most interesting and revealing was that The Birkman visually illustrated how we saw ourselves, our perception of who we are, and how others saw us. Sometimes the distance between how we saw ourselves and how others saw us was quite large and sometimes there was no distance at all.

When you discover a gap between how others see you and how you see yourself, the question that often comes to mind is, “Who am I, really?” Have you ever asked yourself that question?

At one time or another, all of us have wrestled with the question, who am I? Sometimes the answer is easy to find, but sometimes the answer can be illusive or one we don’t like.

This weekend and for the next six Sundays, we are going to be looking at three questions that all of us have: Who am I, where do I fit in, and why am I here? Using the book of Ephesians, we are going to discover together who we really are and what it means for each of us. I hope you’ll join us as we discover The Real You!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

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Are you in a Group yet?
Some of the deepest and most meaningful friendships in life stem from small groups. Some of the most in-depth and life-changing conversations are conversations that happen at small groups. At Living Hope, we believe that small groups are one of the best ways for you to grow in your relationship with God, hear his voice, get connected with new people and find the answers you’re looking for. Are you ready? Why don’t you give small groups a try?

Gifted & Called Seminar
The Gifted and Called seminar is the opportunity for women in all areas of ministry, whether you’ve been serving for years or are new in your journey with God, to discover what it means to be called by God and gifted to live out that calling. Join us for a time of learning, connection, and discipleship where you can dig deeper into discovering your gifts and how that plays out in your church, your community, and the world. For more information please contact Mandy Ralph at or check out the website.

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