Who are you becoming?

This past week something major happened in my family.  My son Liam left for college. Since he was born we have speculated about what he would become.

When Liam took an interest in Lego and began spending hours constructing castles and cars, spaceships and marble mazes, we speculated that maybe he’d become an engineer or an architect.  When he took an interest in computers we began to think that maybe he’d become a programmer or I.T. guru. When he began playing guitar and singing at all hours of the day and night (until dad would yell down the hallway to stop), we thought for sure he’d be the next Grammy award winning artist.

We have watched in wonder as each of our kids have grown up and we have wondered what they were becoming.  We’ve often been amazed at the person they have become and we have asked each other, “How did we end up with such great kids?”  Sometimes though, we’ve shaken our heads and said, “Where did that come from?” Of course we blamed each other’s side of the family for passing down bad genes.

Have you ever looked at your child or at your niece or nephew and wondered what they will become?  It’s fun to do and it’s perfectly natural for us to do this.

Have you ever wondered who you are becoming?  From the moment we are born until the moment we die we are always growing, always learning, always changing.  Just like the kids in your life we are all becoming something.  So who are you becoming?

This week we are starting a new series called “Becoming” and we’ll be asking that exact question, “What are you becoming?”  Over the next 9 weeks we’ll be exploring the book of James, a letter that a pastor wrote to his congregation to help them understand what Jesus envisioned for them as his church.  Together on Sundays and in our groups we’ll be exploring and discovering how we can become what Jesus envisions today, people who are living out grace and truth everywhere we go.

I hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we start to explore the book of James by looking at the story of the author, James.  James was on his way to becoming something, but then had an encounter that radically changed his life and led him to becoming what Jesus envisioned for his life.  From James’ story we’ll begin to discover what it will take for us to become what Jesus envisions.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Kirk

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