Board of Elders Report December, 2016

Dear brothers and sisters,

Over the years I’ve heard many leaders make statements like this, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”   The spirit we had in our recent board meeting was just the opposite.  Looking ahead and planning for 2017 was exciting, especially for us as a team.

Here are a few of the things coming up in 2017:


Over the first 6 months of the new year, you will have the joy of being invited to participate in a vision gathering.  These vision gatherings will be held in the homes of some of our senior leaders and will be an opportunity to hear about and discuss a new 5-year plan for the church.  Things like the parking lot, landscaping, new ministries, new leaders needed for these ministries, and outreach to our community are all part of our long-range plan.  You are an essential part of the plan; we look forward to having you in our homes in 2017.

AGM – “Keep the date Open”

Be sure to mark on your calendar: SUNDAY, MARCH 12.  That is the date of our Annual General Meeting.  Not only will we acknowledge some of the highlights of this year, but will also give more details as we move ahead in the long-range plan.


Perhaps you are thinking, “How much?”  It’s not very often that there is optimism when we plan budgets, as a group of leaders or as a family, but again we came away with great peace and confidence. As we look to God’s faithfulness to provide and move ahead with His vision for His church, it brings a new joy as TOGETHER we are united to glorify Him.

2017 will be a great year as we trust Him for greater things (UP), as we live, learn and minister together (IN), and as we serve the community that surrounds us (OUT).  We look forward to serving Him and His church, Living HOPE!

Serving together,

Wayne Bernakevitch, Chair                Bassim Khyzm

Kevin Wilson, Vice-chair                     Mark Stefan

Ed Beggs, Treasurer                           Abe Toews

Bill Heywood, Secretary                     David Wintemute

Kirk Cowman, Lead Pastor