The Real You – Sermon Series on Ephesians – Discussion Guide Week 6

Sermon Discussion Time

  • What is one thing about this sermon series that has impacted you? Why?

Read Ephesians 5:15-21

  • When you think of a foolish person, what are some of the characteristics that come to mind? (Don’t name names)
    • Paul cautions us to choose wisely, to live carefully rather than choose to live as foolish people do. We learned on Sunday that being wise is “knowing what Jesus did for you, knowing the value the father places on you, and letting that knowledge impact every part of your life”. What areas of your life need a touch of God’s wisdom? What do you think or hope would change if you leaned on his wisdom in these areas?


  • There are many times in our lives, in our daily lives where we are thoughtless, whether it’s intentional or not. Paul calls us to live in a place of understanding rather than thoughtlessness. Is there an area in your life where you could seek to be more understanding? Where you seek out God’s will for your life and live with intention?


  • Our culture offers us many ways to escape the stress, the pain, and the annoying things in life. We use escape mechanisms like sex, work, shopping, Netflix bingeing, video games, food to dull the emotions we would rather not deal with. At the root of this can be the feeling of emptiness or trying to deal with negative emotions. God in all his love has given us the Holy Spirit to fill us, to speak truth and comfort into our lives.
    • When you imagine what being filled with the Holy Spirit would be like, what do you think would change for you? What escape mechanisms do you wish would be replaced by God’s love and gift of the Holy Spirit?
    • Take time as a group to pray for one another. Pray for God’s truth and love to be present, for strength to make choices that honor God and that bring us life, and for the filling of the Holy Spirit


Going Deeper

  • Share with the group some of the ways God has been speaking to you through this sermon series. If you have been listening and aren’t sure if God has been speaking, feel free to share that as well.
  • Take time to listen to each other and encourage each other moving forward. Sometimes we learn from God and each other and let it stay with learning without letting the words impact our actions and lives.
  • Talk with each other about your plans to take what you’ve learned and implement this into your everyday lives. Pray for each other and check in regularly to see how you can walk alongside each other in this journey.